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7 Day Self-Love Challenge

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

I am so excited to do this 7 Day Self-Love Challenge with you!!

Imagine if every day you woke up being so excited about being who you are and having your life. Imagine if you had a constant inner joy and peacefulness that flowed over into your work, relationships, and projects. Imagine if you no longer needed anyone or anything to tell you 'you're good enough' because you already believed this with all your heart. Imagine if you were fully in love with yourself. THIS is what the 7 Day Self-Love Challenge will do for you!!

Self-Love used to be such a foreign thing to me. I knew it existed, saw other people who had it but didn't think I was good enough or that it was possible for me to get to that place. People told me, 'love yourself!', but what did that even mean?? Frustration started to build because I knew I wanted it so badly...but HOW?!?

I wished it was as simple as saying a bunch of affirmations, taking a bath, and eating that piece of chocolate (because "If I loved myself I would be okay with treating myself and eating more of the things I wanted"), but the truth is, that didn't work for me.

So I searched and tried everything! It took years of trial and error, but it was so worth it. In the end I learned what worked and what didn't and I became a Self-Love expert. Now, with the tools and knowledge, I truly love myself, have helped many others love themselves. I am 100% confident that you can too, that is what this challenge is for!

I have compiled everything I've learned works into this challenge so you too can experience the levels of love, joy, freedom, and peace that I have.

By now, you're probably asking yourself, "how does it work?" You will get a specially designed chart to help you track your challenge and daily videos and questions to help guide you. All you must do is commit to loving yourself and doing the work every day for 7 days. This is a challenge, not an 'I'll see if I feel like it that day'. If you fail, that's okay, start again. It wouldn't be a challenge if everyone could do it easily the first time. It may be a bit frustrating, but it will be so worth it!!

I can PROMISE you that if you commit to The 7 Day Self-Love Challenge, and really apply what you learn, that this challenge will change your life! You will be a completely different person than when you were on day one!

So.... I challenge you to love yourself more than you ever have before! I challenge you to say 'yes' to becoming your Ideal Self and giving yourself the love that you deserve and want. I challenge you to the 7 Day Self-Love Challenge!!

Get Started Here!

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