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"Take care of your body, its the only place you have to live"

-Jim Rohn

We are all human. And part of being human means having a human body. It is such a wonderful and beautiful gift and it is capable of doing amazing things! If it were not for our physical being, we would not be able to experience the world through our senses and create and express ourselves on a physical level. Our bodies give us the freedom to experience and create our ideal life. Here's the thing, we (I, speaking from my own life) often forget or ignore the fact that in order to keep our bodies functioning well, so we can have this freedom we must take care of them. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, you are body, mind, and spirit, and if you want to become the strongest, most complete version of yourself, you must nurture and take care of your body.

Okay, so how do we take care of our bodies? The body is very simple and yet very complex. It's kind of like a light, all you have to do is hit the switch, right? But what if you hit the wrong switch? What if the electrical current is wrong? What if the light bulb is burnt out or you have the wrong fixture? The good news is, when it comes to the body, I’m like the electrician and can teach or just tell you which light switch to press. I can guide you through all of the overwhelming technical stuff and teach you what to actually do in order to keep your body happy and healthy. So let's start by keeping it simple and just focusing on moving and fueling it! Okay so how should you move and fuel it? That's where I come in! I’m here to help guide you so that you can move and fuel well based on your body and your goals.

Life is for living! We must optimize our bodies so they support us and are not barriers to living our Ideal Lives.

Movement Coaching will look different for everyone. Some topics include:

  • Personalized workout plans

  • Reaching your fitness goal (decrease body fat, build muscle and bone density, increasing strength and/or flexibility, improve health markers, general fitness, healthy/active lifestyle) 

  • Learning how to work out

  • Movement and exercise correction

  • Getting to know your body, anatomy

  • Building a more active lifestyle

  • Finding consistent physical and mental energy

  • Fueling/nutrition, finding what works for you

  • Releasing body shame and expectations

  • Self-responsibility

  • Respecting and honoring your body by taking care of it

  • Increasing love and appreciation for yourself

  • Emotional eating 

  • Working out as an act of love vs punishment

  • Getting excited to take care of your body and feel good

Shoot me a message below to see if Movement Coaching is right for you! 

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