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Live life. Your way.

Set and achieve your goals,

break through resistance,

be your true self

Self Awareness + Self Management


Let's GROW!!
Show up for yourself, do it with others!

Are you ready to be your true, powerful self and live your life?

Have you been wishing that you could figure out once and for all how to reach your goals and thrive, but are unsure of where to start or how to begin?

Have you felt like you have so much potential but for some reason can’t seem to tap into it or can’t maintain being that ‘best version’ of yourself?

Have you been trying so hard but it never seems like it's enough?

Enrollment CLOSED!

Round 1 and 2 Sold out!

Final Round: TBD

Friends in Nature

Self Awareness + Self Management


Self Awareness and Self Management is an online, live 8-week intensive course for 8 people who are ready to get to know themselves on a deeper level and take action to achieve their goals and dreams. Together, we will become our Ideal Selves and live our Ideal Lives. Combining practical and scientific tools and knowledge, this program will help you understand yourself, why you’re stuck, how you’re not crazy, and what to do to get what you want and need. You will be able to understand your subconscious patterning and put the pieces together for yourself so that you can connect to yourself, stay motivated, and reach your goals! By the end of this program, you will feel full of confidence and courage and be able to break through any barriers you encounter.  You will truly feel free and like you are back to being YOU.


I'm Human


  • Overcome fear and taken action to reach my goals

  • Embraced my quirks and become CONFIDENT in who I am, and learned to love myself

  • Built a healthy lifestyle so I stay fit and energized

  • Stopped self sabotage and overcome addiction 

  • Set boundaries to have healthy relationships with family, friends, partner, and myself

  • Learned how to escape my negative thoughts and to not take things personally

  • Organized my life in unconventional ways that work, let me get shit done, and keep me sane

  • Created work/life balance so it's fun and I’m successful

  • Learned how to manage my emotions and respond well when I get triggered

  • Found strategies to manage my stress, anxiety, and depression so they don’t run my life

  • Taken full responsibility for myself and created a life that I’m excited to live every single day!

And I continue to work on myself, overcoming my fears and reaching my goals!!

Here's the thing...

You can want all these things but you have to be doing it the right way for YOU! If you don’t know yourself you could take lots of action but it won't get you anywhere. And if you do know what you need but can’t seem to make yourself do it, you’ll still be stuck. You are unique. Just because it worked for someone else doesn't mean it will work for you.

You need the right strategy and tools for YOU!


Live and be You!

That's why I created this program - it's for you! So you can know yourself, take responsibility for yourself, and finally

Here's what you get!

Self Awareness + Self Management

Group Coaching

8 Live Online Group Coaching Sessions.  You will learn about your beliefs, emotions, thoughts, motivation, and more

*Recorded for those who cannot attend the live sessions*

Complete workbook

25 page book containing self awareness exercises, reflective prompts, and the questions you need to find the answers to your challenges

1-on-1 Coaching

Two 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Marissa to help you get the most out of the program and set you up for success in the future 

Weekly Breakdown:

Program Details

Week 1:Introduction + Getting to Know Yourself + Tools for Success 
Week 2: Motivation + Aligning with your values 
Week 3: Beliefs + Perception vs reality
Week 4: Thoughts + Subconscious Mind 
Week 5: Emotions + Meeting your needs
Week 6: Taking action + building helpful behaviors and habits
Week 7: Goal Setting + Creating strategies that work for YOU
Week 8
: Living as YOU + Holding yourself accountable + Closing discussion

*Round 1 + 2 SOLD OUT*

Where: Online, Google Meet

1st 1-on-1 & 2nd 1-on-1: TBD


Next Round: TBD




          Are YOU ready to become your true, authentic, powerful self, break through old habits and conditioning, and truly live your best life?


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