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My Coaching Journey

Hey! I’m Marissa, a very human being who chooses to love her imperfect self and fully engage in life every day.

I’m all about sunshine and warmth, 100% a morning person, and a hugging extrovert who loves to share and connect on deep levels. The things that make me feel most alive are being in nature, playing sports, salsa dancing, playing the piano, being with my tribe, and inspirational mugs. I’ve been into personal development for years and love sharing what I’ve learned to help others create their Ideal Lives.

I was raised in a religious family, in a small town in Ontario Canada. I am the second oldest of nine kids and was homeschooled all the way through highschool. Despite having very loving parents, I developed beliefs of not being good enough or loveable. I thought something was wrong with me and so I stopped loving myself and was not excited about living. I found myself trying to feel fulfilled and loved based on the approval of others and the world. After moving away from my hometown and leaving my religion, I got into fitness because I wanted to help people and give them the tools to have healthy long lives.  Now I see that it was also because I was afraid that if I didn’t stay ‘fit and sexy’ I would not be good enough, wanted, or loved. After studying Fitness and Health Promotion, I worked for five years at a holistic gym as a personal trainer and lifestyle coach with a focus on Functional Movement. Over the years I came to realize that you can have, or help someone have, a strong, healthy, pain-free, sexy body and achieve your physical goals, but if you don’t grow as a whole person (body, mind, and spirit) then you will never feel like you’ve achieved your goals or learn to love yourself. This was true for me, and I saw for everyone I worked with as well. It’s taken years of learning through coaches and mentors, experiences and failures, and the constant effort of returning to living from love vs fear to get to where I am today. The journey was not an easy one but one well worth it and I know this is just the beginning as I continue to become more of my Ideal Self every day! 

Coaching is part of me being Ideal Marissa. I’ve been in pain, it hurt so much. And now I see so many others in pain. It's heartbreaking. If I could make a difference and help people heal from their pains, I would. And I can. That's why I am now coaching, because I know I can help people on a real and deep level. My motto is “Be humble and serve”. Humble to accept the tools and knowledge I have and serve through using these tools and knowledge to help people heal, overcome their challenges, and create their Ideal life. 

If you want to create a change in your life, it has to start with you. All you have to do is be willing and show up. To know more about what working with me looks like please see information on this website or contact me below

Meet Marissa: About Me
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